I Know He Likes Me But How Do I Make Him Admit to It? Learn How You Can Easily Do This

It can drive a girl batty when she knows for a fact that a packaging eyelash wants her and no matter what, he just won’t let her hear the magic words!

Forcing it out of him won’t work; you must use finesse and trick him instead (but not in a cruel way).


Here’s how it’s done:

Keep This Playful and Just Have Fun With It

dzhair  If you do this in the wrong way, you can appear both completely psycho or insecure at the very least.

Don’t take this too seriously; chances are your instincts are right and he’s crushing on you like crazy. He’ll tell you in his own time when he’s ready, so until then just tease him gently.

Pick the Right Moment(s)

It can be so easy to make him say it as if you two are just being silly, but you’ll be able to tell both by the look in his packaging eyelash and and tone of voice he’s using whether or not he’s being truthful deep down.

For example, there are plenty of perfect places in conversation to insert a coquettish “Because you like me…”

Combine this with a flutter of the packaging eyelash and you’ll probably get a satisfying response.

Use a Bad Day to Your Advantage

If you have a horrible day and he’s comforting you, for example, feel free to throw in comments related to him.

As you’re listing off things that are wrong with your life, go ahead and add “and I’m crazy about you and you just like me as a friend….”

It’s the perfect opportunity because in your sadness he’s likely to be most genuine. He gets to be honest without fear of rejection because you made the first move verbally by saying you’re crazy about him.

The Direct Approach

The next time you are with your soon-to-be guy somewhere, you can try the direct way to get him to admit his affections for you if you happen to be the ballsy type.

When walking out of a restaurant, theatre, etc., stop walking suddenly. It’s ideal that you are parallel to a wall so that you can back into it, pulling him close to you.

Look him dead in the eyes and ask “So…how much do you like me?”

The confident, no B.S. technique is utilized so rarely that men don’t know how to respond to it. They have no real defense against it; they are powerless. He’ll be packaging eyelash in your hands!

Get One of His Buddies to Help You Out

This move is good because it gives you the opportunity to bond with someone in his inner circle.

The idea is to get the buddy to bust on your guy and give him a hard time for having such a huge crush on you, while you’re actually there. It’s all in good fun of course.

His buddy will also probably be able to give you a definite “yea” or nay” regarding whether or not your special guy is into you or not. And the level of embarrassment, etc. displayed by the cutie when his buddy starts in on him will be additional evidence.

Start With Jokes Until You’re Both Comfortable Talking About This

You can initiate any kind of joking about the two of you, such as “So, word on the street is you got the hots for me,” etc.

This will hopefully relax you both a bit if you make each other nervous (and the more you like each other, the more nervous you two will be).

Just Express How You Feel, and Chances are He’ll Reciprocate

This might be your best option if you aren’t too shy a girl. Simply wait for a good time when you are alone with him. Avoid long-winded speeches; a few simple sentences will do.

Such as: “I have to admit something….I have a little bit of a crush on you…” or “I get so flustered around you sometimes; I’ve never had a friend that I was so attracted to.”

His reaction and what he says back to you will be all the packaging eyelash you need.


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