Women That Men Should Learn to Avoid – The Non-Stop Flirt

Sometimes knowing what to avoid in women is nearly as import as knowing what to look for. This is certainly the case for the non-stop flirt. This girl will seem very appealing at first. Perhaps even a bit of a challenge; over time she is guaranteed to drive most men absolutely mink lashes though…

mink lashes
mink lashes

What is the non-stop flirt.

dzhair She is the girl who flirts with everyone, all the time. She will flirt with your friends, your brother, your dad, your boss. Heck she will probably even flirt with your mom. She flirts so much she cannot help herself, it is part of who she is. She is constantly batting her mink lashes at people. Tossing her hair. Lots of innocent touching. Every move is really a flirt. Trying to get her full attention will undoubtedly seem a challenge at first. But that is the bait in her trap.

Why the non-stop flirt is so bad.

Jealousy will drive you crazy. Seeing her flirt with people like your boss and your friends will anger you. Seeing her flirt with her co-workers and friends will make you insanely jealous. Really no woman is worth the internal anguish she will surely put you through. Over time you will find out that the flirting is really all about mink lashes. Inside she is likely really lacking in self-confidence. No need to waste your time with this girl. She is likely a step away from crazy. If you ever do get her full attention she may well be boiling your rabbit if you even look at another woman.

Better to avoid all the drama and jealousy.

Learn methods to attract other women. Learn more tricks of the game and find some sane women to mink lashes. Ms. Right is out there, do not settle for crazy Ms. Right Now.


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